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Ear mite infections are a common health problem found among pet animals. The scientific name for an ear mite is Otodecetes cynaotis. It is commonly found among cats and dogs. The ear mite feeds upon the earwax. Eventually, due to intensive feeding, the ear becomes infected and the affected animal can be seen in severe discomfort, repeatedly scratching and probing the ear. Severe bacterial infections follow an ear-mite infection. The ear mite can be present without showing any visible symptoms for the first few weeks, i.e. before becoming active. Ear mites are highly transmittable and can be passed from one animal to another or even through humans wherein the mite uses the humans as a carrier.

Recognizing Ear Mite Infections

If your pet has a crusty layer of wax around the inner flap of the ears and the flaps appear to have been scathed due to repeated scratching, along with some blackish deposition in the internal ear, an ear mite infection is the most probable cause.

Animals suffering from ear-mite infections become increasingly fidgety. The ear often develops an inflamed appearance which is due to the increasing bacterial infection. Along with the black specks of ear wax there can be some deposits of dried blood. The bleeding occurs due to intense scratching by the troubled animal. If the infection is not controlled immediately with appropriate ear mite medicine, the middle ear can be harmed and this can cause severe damage. The animal appears unbalanced and can harm himself or become extremely agitated and violent, posing severe threat to humans in the vicinity.

Understanding Ear-mites Medicines

It is generally advised that pet-owners should always maintain a basic supply of ear-mite medication at their home. A vet can be approached to prepare a prescription that allows a 12-month medication supply to be bought from wholesale, pharma retailers. This is vital because if an ear mite medication is used immediately upon suspecting a mite infection, the problem can be immediately arrested.

Most of the medications retailed for this purpose are topical in application and easy-to-use. Some medications for ear-mite infections are sold as parasitecides, meant for killing the ear mite parasite. These medications are both curative and preventative, i.e. they alleviate the inflamed skin and destroy the eggs of the mites. However, if the infection has become deep-seated, the vet might recommend a course of antibiotics.
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